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Mom's Playpen

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of the

YOU WANT ZANY? I GOT ZANY! Plus a Few Extras!

Cyberstones: A satirical "E-zine". Basically news from a Homer Simpson perspective!

Nonsensical Nonsense: Dismember a Power Ranger! Delete a friend, and much more!

What's Up With That?: Jokes, Jokepardy, Humourwood, Battle of the Sexes and More!

Mind Your Own Business.Com: A ton of humor and hilarious satire!

Oomphoophoo's House of Strangeosity: Another wacky site, most appropriate for this page!

You Can't Say That on AOL!: Crazy, off color humor for the naughty people!

Complaint Letter Generator: Fill out the form...generate the letter... then hit send on your keyboard. This one is really funny!

Pig Latin Converter: Want to view a page in Pig Latin? Just key in the URL of a page. There IS no point to this so don't ask!

Jokes.Com: Crazy lists of off the wall thoughts, jokes and more.

The Lobby: Huge site with everyting from humor to live on-line police scanners!

The Free Site: If you are on a PC and want to annoy, and freak some PC users, this site out! Friendly Links: List of links to other crazy sites!

Funny, Funny, Humor, Humor: Some hilarious stuff here!

Another Zany Site: You better have a wacky sense of humor to enjoy this site!

Free Adult Site: Now this is a good one to send to isn't what you might expect! : Looking for laughs? Click here!

The Guru's HomePage: Humor worth forwarding to friends here!

Insulting Wavs: Check these out...LMAO! Search Engine

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~Updated: June 30, 1999~

Please Note: The Laughter Lounge is in the process of going through many changes. I am removing older material to make room for new material. Things may get a bit messy, but check back often for new, wacky, wild, and crazy additions!
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Humorous links, pranks, jokes, and lists! If you're looking for wacky, silly or just plain odd, you will find something you like here! I even threw in a little html help links if ya want to build your own pages! You will also find a variety of virtual greetings and the like, most are wacky, weird, or insulting, but there are a few nice ones!!!

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Below are links to some wacky sites that are great fun! I have created a page just for sites such as these. There are over 70 links and more coming soon. Check out the new page! You'll have a blast!

LadeeBugg's ALL NEW "Virtual Stuff" Archive!!!

The Wavs Station OnLine Pregnancy Test

Your Past Life The Love Calculator

Throw a Snowball Throw a Water Balloon

Throw a Pie The Dumpster Dive

Virtual Wedding Virtual Vengeance Page

Virtual Dating Game Ultimate Joke List

Delete A Friend Humorous Quotations

Sherry's Fun Links

Center for Shopping Cart Abuse Prevention

"A common criticism of the Internet is that it is dominated by the crude, the uninformed, the immature, the smug, the untalented, the repitious. The pathetic, the hostile, the deluded. The self-righteous and the shrill. The criticism overlooks the fact that the Internet also offers - for the savvy individual who knows where to look - the tasteless and the borderline insane"
-Dave Berry

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WebTV users are welcome here!!

The TITANIC F-Key: This site was created by my super, wonderful, crazy as heck pal, Cooch. WebTv users can find just about anything they need on this enormous F-Key saver. Everything you need to have a great "web experience"! Check it out!

HomePage of the Bald One of Brooklyn: Excellent site, filled with a variety of "stuff". Music links, midi jukebox, tattoo links, WebTv help, and much more. (Thanks for the award TBOOB!)

FREE! Free Games for WebTV!: Just some games here...for when you are bored, and tired of the psychos in ChAt!

RedBeard71's Chat Links: A list of lists! You will find links to many IRC lists here!

Basic HTML: Give your email a litlle WoO HoO...with these easy html lessons!

< b>Draac's Gifs 123: Html school, and hudreds of cool items for your email and related materials! Long live Draac!

Bob's Chat Links: The biggest list of IRC's I've found! These really help out when involved in Chat Wars!

Free2Try: Like getting free stuff? Look here for some pretty good offers.


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