Although The Laughter Lounge is a humorous site, you will find awards for several site categories on this page. Please take a look at the awards and should you feel your page/site should be considered, please feel out the form on this page. If you are not a page owner but would like to suggest a site, please be sure to include the site owners email address. If you would like to take a look at recipients of the various awards, just click here.

LadeeBugg's LMAO Award
Award designed for strictly humorous pages/sites. Page design considered, but humorous content is main consideration. New LMAO award designs are being created, for now what you see is what you get! Love dat smile!

Excellence In Design Award
Award is meant for pages exhibiting superior page design, regardless of topic. Color combinations, unique choice of graphics, and general page setup will all be considered.

LadeeBugg's Choice Award
Created for sites of any topic, page design is not the biggest consideration for this award. Content is the key. If you have a site on Pink Polka Dots, make sure you have ALOT of information on Pink Polka Dots! This award is given to my choice of sites that I feel have a wealth of info. on their specific topic, hence the name "LadeeBugg's Choice".

In the near future several other award designs will be added. Each award has been saved as one single gif file and is easy to install. Should you receive the award, full instructions will be sent along with the email. To apply for one of the awards, or to suggest a site, please fill out the short form below.

HEY MOMS & DADS!!! Does your kid have a page? If so, LadeeBugg's Award Shoppe has created a page just for the kiddies! The award is below. If you would like to submit your child's site, or if they'd like to do it themselves, simply click HERE. Instructions on applying are can be found there.

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